SOPHIA PATHWAYS Introduction to Business Milestone 4 the business of finance Investment

Discipline: Business Studies

Type of Paper: Question-Answer

Academic Level: Undergrad. (yrs 1-2)

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 1 Words: 1000


A company created a set of policies and procedures for a manufacturing facility to reduce the likelihood of workplace accidents.

Which of the types of risk management below does this scenario describe?


Riley had a checking account and a savings account with a bank. She used online access to her account to move $50 each month from her checking account to her savings account.

Which of the following does this scenario illustrate?


Darren believed in saving money and followed a strict monthly budget. He wanted to invest his savings in a safe option that paid more than his savings account and he was content with earning a lower, consistent amount of money. He did not want to worry about losing any money with market changes.

Which type of investment below should Darren consider?


Which of the following does a high debt to owner's equity ratio signal?


Speculative risks and pure risks have which of the following in common?


What is an example of a non-deposit Institution?


Which of the following activities would be performed as a part of managerial accounting?


A well-known corporation planned to expand one of their product lines and needed financing. The corporation wanted financing that could be quickly arranged. All information about the financing needed to be kept confidential so their competitors would not find out about the expansion.

Which of the following types of financing is the company likely to use?


Kirsten was the financial manager for a chain of ladies' apparel stores. She reviewed the weekly operating activities, such as buying inventory, paying employees to work in retail stores and paying rent on the retail spaces. 

Which responsibility of a financial manager below does this scenario describe?


Which of the following can investors use to evaluate a company's potential earning power?


Which of the types of companies below is more likely to use secured short term financing?


Which of the following happens when the supply of money is high?


Which of the following is the basis for financial management?


Which of the following scenarios illustrates a capital gain?


Which of the following is true about short term financing?


Which of the following is a characteristic of an angel investor? 


A balance sheet provides which of the following? 


Which of the types of short term loans below requires the borrower to pay a specific amount of money to the lender on a specific date?


Which of the following correctly describes a discount rate control?


Which of the following activities is overseen by the Federal Reserve?