SOPHIA PATHWAYS Introduction to Business Milestone 3 100% Correct

Discipline: Business Studies

Type of Paper: Question-Answer

Academic Level: Undergrad. (yrs 1-2)

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 1 Words: 1000


Which of the following is a disadvantage to using tests as a hiring method for potential employees?


Which of the following is defined as the commonly held beliefs, ideals and values within an organization?


Which of the following is an advantage of workforce diversity? 


Which of the following types of departmentalization can result in a company duplicating the equipment it uses to create a product?


In which of the following ways does Human Resource Management use forecasting?


Which of the following exemplifies a corporate strategy?


The marketing manager asked Jess to complete a competitive analysis report by the end of the week. Even though the request was last minute and she was behind on her work, Jess was reluctant to let her assistant help with it. She liked knowing she was responsible for completing important tasks.

Which of the following is true about Jess' delegation efforts?


Jane, who managed a regional team of salespeople, prioritized her activities in order to prepare for the weekly sales meeting with her staff. She then set the meeting day and time according to when the staff were scheduled to be in the office.

Which management skill below did Jane demonstrate?   


A large clothing retailer determines the company eventually wants to offer home goods and furnishings at its stores within the next six to seven years. Management decides to add a home goods division to prepare for this product offering expansion.

Which of the following does this scenario illustrate?


Which of the motivational theories below argues that employee productivity increases as managers pay more attention to their employees?


Which activity below is performed during the developing phase of Human Resource Management? 


As a manager at a large pharmaceutical company, Ian directly leads a team of scientists in creating new drugs to determine if any side effects were present. He manages their day-to-day tasks.

Which of the following best describes his role?


An employee reported a safety violation at her workplace. Her supervisor tried to force the employee to quit by reducing her work hours and cutting wages.

Which form of discrimination below does this scenario illustrate?


Which of the following is usually a benefit rather than an incentive?


Which of the following is true regarding performance appraisals?


Which of the following is true about a flat organizational structure?


Gillian reprimands an employee in front of his peers for speaking out of turn during a sales meeting.

Which of the following types of reinforcement does this scenario demonstrate?


Christian managed a team of scientists for a large chemical company. Even though each scientist specialized in analyzing competing chemicals, he made sure all members of the team worked to meet the company's goals.

Which step of the management process below does this describe?


Matt was the marketing manager for a sports team. He made choices based on his own ideas and judgments and rarely accepted advice from his staff.

Which style of management below does Matt use?


Which of the motivation theories below emphasizes managers making meaningful goals that employees agree to meet in order to improve motivation and productivity among employees?


Wilson was well-liked by the employees he managed, as well as by his peers. He made an effort to get to know the people he worked with on a personal level. He made sure he interacted with the key players of his company any time an opportunity arose.

Which personality trait below does Wilson demonstrate? 


The management for a company formally agrees to pay its employees a set overtime wage whenever an employee works more than 40 hours in one work week. One month after making this agreement, a supervisor refuses to pay an employee overtime pay. The employee notifies the company management and his union.

Which of the following does this scenario illustrate?


A local restaurant installed a new computer-based system to place customer orders, manage inventory items and handle credit card processing. The owner of the restaurant trained all of the staff on proper use of the new system.

Which of the following types of technology risk is being addressed in this scenario?


Which of the following is an example of telecommuting?