Assignment #1. – (2 pages) 1. Describe the motivation for choosing a helping a helping

Assignment #1. – (2 pages)

1. Describe the motivation for choosing a helping a helping profession.

2. How do values and a philosophy of helping relate to motivations for choosing a helping profession?

3. List the helper characteristics that are important for the human service professionals

4. What are the similarities and differences among human service professionals physicians psychologist social workers and counselors?

5. How does the occupational outlook handbook entry on human service help you define them?

6. What are the three primary areas of job responsibility for human professionals.

Assignment #2 (2 pages)
chpt. 3
1. Compare and contrast the early history of helping by providing human services today. What are the similarities of the helping process and practice? What are the major differences?

Chpt 4
1. Identify the purpose and limitations of codes of ethics.

2, What is the relationship between ethics and the law?

3.How does culture influence ethical service delivery?

Assignment #3 – (2 pages)

 Please answer in detail, in complete sentences in paragraph format.

1. What distinguishes the helping relationship from other relationships?

2. Explain the purpose of each of the five stages of the helping process. What special attitudes, skills, and values do helpers need for each of the five stages?

3. Why is a crisis different from other problem situations?


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