Can you provide a response? 150 words, 1 intext, 1 academic Nursing Assignment Help

Can you provide a response? 150 words, 1 intext, 1 academic reference.

Sensory Function Case Study 

          C.J. is a 27 year-old male who presents with a crusty and yellowish discharge on his eyes for the last 24 hours. He washed his eyes often at the beginning though he found that it increased the 

discharge and also blurred his vision, especially in the morning. He has also having throbbing pain in his left ear. His eyes became red today. On his physical assessment you found a yellowish discharge and 

bilateral conjunctival erythema. His throat and lungs are normal, his left ear canal is within normal limits, but the tympanic membrane is opaque, bulging and red. 

Based on the clinical manifestations presented on the case above, which would be your diagnosis for C.J. Please name why you get to this diagnosis and document your rationale. 

          It appears that C.J. has conjunctivitis caused by a bacterium. There are a few different causes of conjunctivitis. Clinical manifestations include the production of mucopurulent yellow green discharge 

that can affect one or both eyes and it is also known to accompany other conditions such as an ear infection, which would explain his bulging and red tympanic membrane (Dlugasch & Story, 2020). One 

cause of conjunctivitis can be viral and though it is the most common type, its symptoms are different. The main reason I believe we can rule viral conjunctivitis out is that it has a watery discharge that can 

be stringy and ropelike. This does not sound like the evidence presented for C.J. Another type of conjunctivitis is gonococcal, and it is sexually transmitted. This type of conjunctivitis comes with severely 

swollen eyes and has been said to appear like a red and swollen blister (Dlugasch & Story, 2020). Trachoma conjunctivitis is another type of infection, and it presents with mucus discharge, redness, and 

irritation along with the generalization that it appears as a unilateral infection and the symptoms are usually chronic. If we assume that this is the first time C.J. has experienced symptoms of conjunctivitis, 

we are able to rule this out as well.   

With no further information would you be able to name the probable etiology of the eye affection presented? Viral, bacterial, allergic, gonococcal, trachoma. Why and why not. 

          With the above information, we may be able to conclude that C.J. has bacterial conjunctivitis. This can be reinforced by the clinical manifestations including blurry vision that resolves once secretions 

are clear, the production of a mucopurulent yellow green discharge and that is accompanied by ear pain (Dlugasch & Story, 2020). All of the presenting symptoms are consistent with bacterial 


Based on your answer to the previous question regarding the etiology of the eye affection, which would be the best therapeutic approach to C.J problem. 

          Considering bacterial conjunctivitis, we would recommend C.J. begin an antibiotic eye drop or ointment. We would educate proper instillation of drops and placement of a ribbon of ointment being 

careful to avoid touching the applicator to any part of the eye or skin. We would educate on the mode of contraction and encourage him to isolate for 24 hours after the start of the antibiotic treatment as 

it is highly contagious. We would also educate him to practice good hand washing techniques to reduce the spread and re-occurrence of infection (Sharp, 2023). 

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