1 Callie works in a large office that employs nearly 20 staff members. The office has a breakroom where the staff can rest and relax during breaks and lunches. Recently someone has been leaving Nursing Assignment Help

1       Callie works in a large office that employs nearly 20 staff members. The office has a breakroom where the staff can rest and relax during breaks and lunches. Recently someone has been leaving spills and trash behind. The manager asks Callie to compose a message to the staff. Callie decides it’s most effective to post this note on the refrigerator: 

To All Office Staff:

If you are the person who has been leaving the messes in the break room, PLEASE STOP! This is a place where we can all rest for a few mins. It is not restful if the place is filthy! We have cleaning supplies so Use them! Please remember this is not your HOUSE and we are not your mom. Thanks a lot!

2. Initial Post: Create a new thread and answer all three prompts listed below.

For your initial post, answer all the prompts in Step 2. (Due Wednesday). Use complete sentences to answer each prompt. Refer to the discussion rubric grading criteria expectations. 

  1. Discuss how Callie’s tone and word choice affected her communication strategy.
  2. If you were the receiver of this message (the audience), how would you feel after reading this message?
  3. Pretend you are Callie’s manager. What feedback would you offer Callie regarding her tone and word choices?1. Read: Discussion Background

This week, you are studying different methods for solving problems (chapter 3 in your textbook.  Common elements of the problem-solving methods include it is important to consider the main issues and to clarify the question or problem that you want to solve before starting to think of solutions; a central skill in problem-solving is asking thoughtful, informed questions; and one must think about the problem from different angles and from others’ perspectives

2. Initial Post: Create a new thread and answer all three parts of the initial prompt below

Respond to the following prompts in your initial post:

  1. Describe a problem or decision you might face in your personal or professional life and share which decision-making method from chapter 3 of your textbook you would use to resolve it. 
  2. Why is it important to ask questions when problem-solving? 
  3. Why do many employers specifically seek employees who are excellent problem-solvers?

Expert Solution Preview

In this assignment, we will be discussing two separate questions. The first question pertains to a scenario where Callie, an employee in a large office, is asked to compose a message addressing the issue of spills and trash left in the breakroom. We will analyze the tone and word choice used by Callie and its impact on her communication strategy, consider how the message might make the audience feel, and provide feedback as if we were Callie’s manager.

The second question revolves around problem-solving methods discussed in Chapter 3 of the textbook. We will describe a personal or professional problem or decision we might face and select a decision-making method to resolve it. Additionally, we will discuss the importance of asking questions in problem-solving and why employers value employees with excellent problem-solving skills.

Answer to Question 1:
Callie’s tone and word choice in her message to the office staff have a significant impact on her communication strategy. She adopts a direct and assertive tone, addressing the issue of spills and trash left in the breakroom. By using phrases like “PLEASE STOP!” and “This is not your HOUSE and we are not your mom,” Callie attempts to convey a sense of urgency and authority.

However, the choice of words and the tone used by Callie may lead to negative consequences in her communication. Using phrases like “filthy” and “we are not your mom” might come across as offensive and confrontational, potentially leading to defensiveness among the staff members. Furthermore, the use of exclamation marks and capitalization can be interpreted as aggressive or angry, rather than assertive.

Overall, Callie’s tone and word choice in this communication strategy may prove counterproductive, possibly antagonizing staff members rather than motivating them to correct their behavior.

Answer to Question 2:
If I were the receiver of this message, I would most likely feel offended and defensive after reading it. The tone and word choice used by Callie come across as confrontational and disrespectful. The message’s emphasis on the fact that the breakroom is not the staff members’ house and that Callie is not their mother creates a hostile and demotivating environment.

Instead of fostering a sense of collective responsibility and encouraging staff members to take care of the breakroom, this message may lead to resentment and resistance. It is essential for effective communication to use a more diplomatic and respectful tone, emphasizing the benefits of a clean and welcoming breakroom for all employees.

Answer to Question 3:
As Callie’s manager, I would provide feedback regarding her tone and word choices. It is important to promote a positive and respectful work environment, even when addressing issues. I would advise Callie to revise her message and adopt a more neutral tone, focusing on the overall goal of maintaining a clean and enjoyable breakroom for everyone.

I would suggest using language that encourages collective responsibility, such as “Let’s work together to keep our breakroom clean and comfortable” or “Please remember to clean up after yourselves to ensure a pleasant breakroom experience for all.” Additionally, I would recommend avoiding negative language and capitalization, as they can be perceived as aggressive and disrespectful.

Overall, my feedback for Callie would be to prioritize professionalism, respect, and diplomacy in her communication, fostering a positive work environment conducive to cooperation and collaboration.

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