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Please respond to the following prompts in APA format. Please follow the rubric. I have enclosed a sample for you to follow. Please add in-text citations in every paragraph 

Develop a 4 page scholarly paper in which you describe a quality or safety issue, or a chosen diagnosis, and then identify and analyze credible evidence that could be used as the basis for applying EBP to the issue.Introduction
The goal of using evidence-based research findings is to enhance safety and quality of patient care and ensure optimal outcomes are achieved. It is not uncommon to hear a nurse say, “why change it as we’ve always done it this way.” However, this is no longer acceptable in today’s practice environment. The profession of nursing has evolved, and the expectation is that the professional nurse has a scientific foundation to support the care that is provided. As the profession of nursing continues to evolve and engage in health care transformation, baccalaureate-prepared nurses are expanding taking on leadership roles that include incorporating EBPs. To be able to do this, the nurse needs to understand the criteria and makes a resource credible, as this is crucial when deciding if the research is valid and reliable for implementation into health care settings. The nurse will need to incorporate the use of evidence-based practice models. EBP models are designed to assist the nurse in developing a plan to gather evidence to answer a practice problem or question. It is a systematic approach to direct the user to incorporate scholarly findings into current practice. These EBP models lead the nurse through the decision-making process of evaluating the literature to determine the best practice evidence for the practice issue or question.It would be an excellent choice to complete the Vila Health Determining the Credibility of Evidence activity prior to developing the report. The activity is a media simulation that offers an opportunity to review a scenario and work on determining the credibility of presented evidence. These skills will be necessary to complete Assessment 2 successfully. This media simulation is one potential source of context on which to base your assessment submission. This will take just a few minutes of your time and is not graded.Professional Context
As a baccalaureate-prepared nurse, you will be responsible for locating and identifying credible and scholarly resources to incorporate the best available evidence for the purposes of enhancing clinical reasoning and judgement skills. When reliable and relevant evidence-based findings are utilized, patients, health care systems, and nursing practice outcomes are positively impacted

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In today’s healthcare practice environment, evidence-based research findings play a crucial role in enhancing the safety and quality of patient care and achieving optimal outcomes. As the nursing profession continues to evolve, it is expected that baccalaureate-prepared nurses have a scientific foundation to support the care they provide. Incorporating evidence-based practice (EBP) is an essential aspect of nursing leadership roles and requires an understanding of credible resources and the application of EBP models.

To effectively apply EBP, it is important to identify a quality or safety issue or a chosen diagnosis and then analyze credible evidence that can serve as the foundation for implementing EBP. By doing so, nurses can make informed decisions based on reliable research and improve patient outcomes.

One example of a quality issue that can be addressed using EBP is medication errors. Medication errors can potentially lead to harm, adverse effects, or even death in patients. By analyzing credible evidence, such as systematic reviews, randomized controlled trials, and meta-analyses, nurses can identify effective interventions and strategies to reduce medication errors in clinical practice.

When identifying and analyzing credible evidence, it is crucial to critically appraise the research studies to determine their validity and reliability. Tools such as the Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) Critical Appraisal Checklist can be utilized to assess the methodological rigor, relevance, and applicability of the research. By conducting a comprehensive literature search and appraising the available evidence, nurses can select the most appropriate interventions or approaches to address the quality or safety issue at hand.

EBP models, such as the Iowa Model of Evidence-Based Practice, can guide nurses through the process of integrating evidence into practice. These models provide a systematic approach, involving steps such as formulating a clinical question, searching and appraising the evidence, and implementing and evaluating the practice change. By following these models, nurses can ensure that the chosen interventions are supported by credible evidence and are likely to lead to positive patient outcomes.

In conclusion, applying EBP to quality or safety issues in healthcare involves identifying and analyzing credible evidence. Baccalaureate-prepared nurses should have the skills to locate and evaluate scholarly resources to enhance their clinical reasoning and judgment. EBP models guide nurses through the process of incorporating evidence into practice, leading to improved patient outcomes and the advancement of nursing practice.

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