Financial Accounting

  Review the section of Kroger footnote 1 section regarding inventory. Review the section of Intel footnote 1 regarding plant property and equipment Write a paper providing the following: For the Disney Company, provide a brief detail of the lawsuit. Because the Beef lawsuit is included in the footnote, what does this tell you about the company belief regarding the merit of the lawsuit? For Kroger deposits in transit: What is the account titled Store deposits in-transit (refer to footnote 1)? This is not an account you will find on the majority of company financial statements. Why does Kroger include this account? Is it odd that this account is larger than the cash balance? How do you explain this? For Kroger footnote 1: What cost flow assumption method does Kroger use for food? Does this match the actual flow of goods through the stores? What is the explanation for this? For the Intel footnote 1: what do you believe is the motivation for the change described in this note? This changed provided a significant change to the company net income; since depreciation is a non cash expense, do you believe this makes a significant change in the valuation of the company?

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