Body Language Decoded

Cite the textbook- After watching the film titled “Body Language Decoded” you will write about nonverbal communication. Video can be found at Seattle Central Library Films on Demand. After watching the film discuss the questions below. Provide examples from the film and include concepts from Chapter 4 to support your answers. Include in-text parenthetical citation, as well as the citation of course textbook at end of paper (Work Cited). Add headings to each paragraph – for example: Facial Expressions, Micro-Expressions, Deception, Power, and Final Thoughts Facial expressions can be universally understood among cultures. What are the universal facial expressions discussed in the film? Do you agree or disagree? Explain why and include an example of nonverbal facial expressions or greetings that are common in your culture. What is a micro-expression? Provide an example of the last micro-expression you observed when communicating with someone (maybe a family member, friend, or co-worker). How many times do we engage in deception in the average day? Do you agree or disagree? Explain Explain how power is communicated nonverbally. What aspect does cultural play in using gestures and asserting personal use of space? Dr. Cuddy talks about Power Poses. Have you ever adopted a power pose to feel more confident and calm? What is one thing you found interesting from watching the video about body language? Explain

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