The Outcome of Inequality of Wealth and Income

Research Topic: Submit an idea for a research study based on a business/economic problem. • Write the title of the study. • Explain your overarching aim for the study. • What is the problem? • What is the significance of it? • Draft at least two research questions. Due 1/27 this is my work for assignment 1 research topic , you can use this and start with assignment 2 directly << Economic inequality which means that so many people are not having the equal amount of wealth distribution due to the market and the economic sector these days, with that being said it will harm the society in general which will make health percentages increase and that will lead to another big problem like education performance of people. The wealth distribution issue will have a link in between many sectors of the society. If this problem continues to appear then it will impact the society’s level of productivity and a lower percentage in the work force. The overreaching aim you will try to conduct in this research paper is to show how one issue that has been happening today would increase many issues and problems along with it. How many people are being dragged and forced to have uneven payment and unequal amount of either income or wealth. Due to that many people are getting poorer by time which will affect their health some point in their life time. Many of them won’t have the opportunity to have education which is another big problem, how a society look for people to have unequal payments and bad education and still want them do their best in their daily jobs. This research will help differentiating the sectors that drives the inequality in today’s economy, a wide understanding about the linkage of the consequences it will bring to the society and what solutions might be taken under consideration. >>

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