The impact of a psychological factor affecting tourists’ behaviour.

The effectiveness of destination advertising on destination image formation and behavioural intention*** Assessment is an up-to-date synthesis of literature review 1.4 Assessment tasks

A. Use a minimum of 6 relevant and up-to-date academic journal articles presenting original research in your essay;

B. Critically evaluate the literature related to your chosen research topic according to the following areas: i. (60%) The way previous researchers investigate your chosen research topic, including: a. The theory/model/framework used to underpin their research; b. The data collection method; c. The samples and the sampling method; d. The types of questions or the statements being used to measure the research topic; ii. (40%) Key research findings showing how the chosen psychological factor affects tourists or visitors’ choices, behaviour or experiences B. Synthesise the literature THEME-BY-THEME and structure your paragraphs around the results of your critical examination

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