Telemedicine Case Study: Identify all critical elements and

You are an IT Director hired by a newly established business called “Best Care within Your Fingertips”. The company’s business plan is to provide telemedicine driven solution for improving accessibility of care to patients in rural areas. Your company’s headquarters and data center are located in a large metropolitan area and you have all the resources necessary to succeed with a server, network, and application infrastructure. However, your customer base will be located in the rural areas of the state. The idea is to potentially expand out of state by extending and expanding existing business model and infrastructure to more patients and greater geographical coverage.

You are expected to:

1. Identify all critical elements and technologies necessary to achieve stated goals of your project.

2. Describe the resources you will require to achieve your project goals.

3. Architect, at a high level, your proposed solution.

4. List and describe clinical applications that will run on your proposed infrastructure.

5. Identify benefits and risks to business operations and patient care environment, resulting from your proposed solution.

6. Briefly describe to senior management why your solution is a good fit and how you will address the risks identified above.

When working on the technical questions, do wear your technology analyst and network engineer heads – not business leader heads. What this means is that we require deep technical analysis in your papers, as part of this technical course. In fact, many business level executives in technology companies have strong technical backgrounds, and rose through the ranks via engineering, software development, and other technical channels. So, they possess comprehensive understanding of technical matters in their decision-making processes. Your paper will be 8+ double-spaced pages in length, written in APA style. This includes 5 pages of content + title page + abstract + references. You must maintain the minimum requirements for length of the paper. There is no maximum requirement, but you do need to adhere to the topics requested above in order to present a cohesive paper that is readable and not overcrowded with unnecessary details.

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