Sustainable Urbanism: Eco-Neighborhoods

Short report on an Econeighbourhood / Ecodistrict Case study The objective is to produce a short memo (600 – 800 words / 2 or 3 pages) that summarizes an example of Econeighbourhood (or Ecodistrict, Ecoquartier, etc.) enabling comparison and critical discussion on the achievement, limitations, challenges, or transferable innovations of several Ecodistricts around the world. Each student is free to choose a case study.

The memo is expected to:

– Summarize the key numbers and facts that characterize the case study

– Present the overall context (urban, social, environmental, etc.), the development process (dates and phasing, actors involved), the components. – Give an overview of the achievements and the difficulties that the ecodistrict has met.

– Critically discuss the value as a model and the transferability of this ecodistrict with regard to the objective of urban sustainability – Include all illustrations (graphics, maps, pictures) enabling to better understand the ecodistrict’s patterns. – Having a layout that facilitate the reading and capturing of the key information (infographics, colors, bold, etc.)

– Summarize a range of sources as wide and diverse as possible: this memo should not settle for paraphrasing ecodistrict’s official website or Wikipedia page. – The assessment will take great account of the effort done in data gathering and in the rigorous quotation of sources and references. 

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