Psychology: Career paper

For this assignment, you need to investigate two career paths. This paper should be about 1.5 pages long. You are welcome to use either single or double spacing (or something in between), and you may set your margins and font as you like, but please don’t use font smaller than 10 pt.

Please proofread, spell check, and grammar-check your work. If your spelling or grammar makes it hard for your instructor to understand you, you may lose points.

Reminder: Students who have taken this course previously may not re-submit previously submitted work without the permission of the instructor.

For this assignment, you need to investigate two career paths. Please select form the careers listed below. If you want to write about a different career, please contact your instructor to discuss.

Career List: advertising or consumer psychologist, art/music/sex therapist, biopsychologist, child care worker, child life specialist, clinical laboratory technician, clinical neuropsychologist, clinical psychologist, cognitive neuroscientist, cognitive psychologist, counseling psychologist or counselor, dentist, developmental psychologist, doctor, early childhood and behavior specialist, environmental designer, experimental psychologist, forensic examiner, forensic science technician, gerontological aide, health educator, health psychologist, human factors or engineering psychologist, human resources specialist, human services worker, industrial-organizational psychologist, lawyer, market researcher, mental health technician, military psychologist, occupational therapist, operations research analyst, physical therapist, product development consultant, professor, program and development evaluator, psychiatrist, psychiatric technician, psychometric psychologist, public relations specialist, quantitative psychologist, recreational therapist, researcher, school counselor, school psychologist, social policy development and evaluation, social psychologist, social worker, sports psychologist, substance abuse counselor, usability specialist.

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