Pharmaceutical Review of Filgrastim-GCSF

The aim is to understand a Filgrastim-GCSF from its chemical, physiological and pharmaceutical point of view and in doing so understand the basis for its prescription. In doing so, you will also develop your literature research skills and your ability to find and communicate: scientific & clinical information In your preparation, please factor in all the feedback you received in your formative report.

Your task is to Filgrastim-GCSFwhich is or is related to the topics covered in this module. You must find some information about:

• The structure of the drug

• Indications

• Its molecular target

• Its mechanism of action

• Its pharmacokinetics incl. ADME

• Its pathophysiology

• In doing so, elicit the rationale for its prescription

Your report should be: Must include structures, figures and references) All information needs to be extracted from peer-reviewed references such as journal articles. Papers that include non-peer-reviewed sources will receive a zero. For this assessment you will be awarded marks for having: o Good, scientific description and explanation o An appropriate selection of references o Clear sections to your review including and beginning, middle and end o Good, clear writing style (including grammar and spelling) MARKING SCHEME 70% relevant scientific content relating to the drug being discussed 10% The structure of the drug 10% Indication (s) 10% Molecular target 10% Mechanism of action 10% Pharmacokinetics incl. ADME 10% Adverse events (and reason where applicable) 10% Rationale for its use 10% choice of suitable references; clear citation of references using Vancouver Style 10% quality and consistency of presentation including spelling and grammar 10 % a logical and coherent presentation of the information which makes sense to an independent reader.

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