KIF 1819 BM Summative Assignment Brief

It can be argued that globalisation is as much a threat as it is an opportunity. Using at least one company or industry example, discuss how globalisation affects different stakeholder groups, and evaluate to what extent globalisation can benefit or harm them.


As well as demonstrating the skills outlined in the ELC Academic Marking Criteria, your assignment must demonstrate the following:


An understanding of the concept of globalisation.

An understanding of how at least one company or industry is affected by globalisation.

An ability to undertake independent research using appropriately referenced academic sources.

An ability to apply relevant concepts and frameworks to an appropriate business situation.

An ability to reach justified conclusions based on sound analysis of relevant evidence.


Your source material should include:


The module textbook (Ebert & Griffin), lecture notes and seminar reading materials available via KEATs.

Material in the University library (including management textbooks and academic journals).

Reputable internet sources (e.g. corporate websites and business publications such as the Financial Times, Economist, etc.).

Where appropriate, you may use graphs, tables and other visual material.

Assignment Instructions.  

Assignments are marked anonymously, and so you will need to submit using your student number.  This is the number on your student card. This number should be clearly visible on the first page of the assignment and in the title of the assignment on turnitin.   Please do not include your name on any part of the assignment.  

Assignments must be submitted on time.  The normal penalty for late assignments is that if they are submitted within 24 hours of the deadline, the mark will be capped at 40%; assignments submitted after that time will receive a mark of zero. You are advised to submit your essay at least one hour before the published deadline.


You must acknowledge your sources appropriately, both in your essay and your reference list. While the Harvard style of referencing is preferred, other referencing styles can be used if they are used correctly and consistently.


The word count for this assignment is 1,200 words. Essays that are more than 5% over this figure will be penalised (see the course handbook for details).  There is no penalty for under-length assignments; however, assignments that are more than 5% below the word count are unlikely to give adequate answers to the questions set.


If you should require an extension to the deadline, you must complete a Mitigating Circumstances Form (this is available here).  


All assignments should be word-processed using a legible font and in size 12. They should also be double-spaced (or 1.5) and on A4 paper.  All pages should be numbered and all pages should have your student number on them.

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