FOLK1000 – Final Fieldwork Project Guidelines

 1) You will turn in a project proposal, as outlined below.

2) Document the tradition. When possible, you should observe the tradition as it is being practiced. If that is not possible, you should document the tradition in the best way possible. This may include gathering photos from your informant; you may make illustrations based on your informant’s descriptions; it may mean recording a re-telling of a verbal art; it may mean gaining in-depth descriptive information from your interview. You will have to decide what best constitutes “documentation,” according to your individual tradition.

3) You will identify and record an interview with someone you consider knowledgeable about the tradition in question (i.e. the tradition bearer – the performer, teller, maker, etc) to gain more in-depth knowledge and contextual information pertaining to the folklore you choose to document. After completing your transcription log, you will identify a minimum of 3 significant quotes and transcribe them (word for word, including “uhs,” “hunhs,” etc). You also must include a consent form* signed by your interviewee. * Please use the MUN Folklore and Language Archives Consent Form ( NOTE: You will need to turn both the .mp3 recording of your interview and a signed consent form. You may upload both to Brightspace. If you are not able to scan or upload the interview file, you may turn in the physical copies in class on Thursday, March 21.

4) The analysis paper should interpret and analyze the folklore tradition that you have documented. You will need to cite a minimum of two academic sources. Papers should follow the essay formatting guidelines.Your documentation of the tradition should be included with the analysis paper (5 pages of text, not including documentary materials).

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