Evaluating Hardware and Software

 Description Please read the additonal files and answer the questions below. 1. Explain the importance of using business needs (requirements) to evaluate and select information technology hardware or software rather than hardware or software that offers “bells and whistles.” 2. Explain the importance of considering stakeholders in addition to identifying the shortcomings of an information technology system when identifying information technology applications that may improve a business’ operations. 3. Explain why its important that a hardware or software product being considered for implementation be compatible with an organization’s current information technology hardware and software systems. 4. Explain the importance of selecting products from vendors that have a proven track record of product support as well as experience and integrity in honoring product warranty’s in the industry. 5. Explain the importance of of using the process of matching information technology hardware and software product’s capabilities (features, functions) with the business needs or requirements made from the assessment of an organization’s current IT systems to make selections of information technology products for implementation in an organization.

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