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Using at least three sources, one from a news source, one from a PEER-REVIEWED scholarly article (PLEASE REVIEW FOOTNOTE BELOW[1] and videos on Canvas) and one from either the National Gang Center or Street, students will provide a description of a gang that is at least two pages, and not more than three pages. The description should include the gang name, when the gang was formed, where the gang was formed, the size of the gang, notable members of the gang, notable gang activities and whether the gang has spread to other cities. Be sure to underline each of these required elements of your description. When integrating a PR journal article into your paper, think about the different sources of information you are integrating (journalism, government, and research). If you can not find a PR article directly about your exact gang, what important concept about your gang could you expand on from research? For instance, if you write about a specific local female gang in Los Angeles, you may not be able to find PR research about that exact gang. BUT, how could you expand on a concept from the information about that gang (e.g. violence) with a PR article about girls, women, and gangs? [1] I expect students to know, or learn, how to access and make sense of academic sources – not magazines, websites, opinions, newspapers, prior experience. For this assignment,  base your work on peer-reviewed research that is published in top-tier social science journals.  sources will be ranked  as follows: Academic Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles (for a list of Criminal Justice accepted titles go to (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.). Peer-reviewed titles in the fields of Sociology, Psychology, Public Health, Medicine/Biology, Environmental Sciences, and Political Science are also accepted. Within criminology outlets there is a tier system. Tier 1 Sources (i.e., Criminology, Justice Quarterly, Journal of Quantitative Criminology, Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, and Criminal Justice and Behavior) are always preferred. Government Reports Research Reports Books Law Reviews Other (datasets, videos etc. – contact professor if you intend to use any of these sources) News Outlets (newspapers & magazines) Websites (these are the least desirable and will thus get you the least amount of credit). Please note that advocacy or interest group websites will not be accepted as a proper reference.

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