Environmental law and policy: Science and technology

Read Textbook (INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL LAW AND POLICY, 5th EDITION by Hunter, Salzman, and Zaelke): Chapter One, Unit IV.C. Decision-Making in the Face of Scientific Uncertainty, pages 30-33 Chapter Two, Unit II.C. Technology: Promises, Perils and Pushes, pages 74-84 Listen or Read about the role of science and the importance of explaining science in this NPR story about the movie, Merchants of Doubt. https://www.npr.org/2015/03/06/391269315/merchants-of-doubt-explores-work-of-climate-change-deniers There are two sides to the science coin. Based on your readings on science and technology, do you think it is easier to institute new technology to fix a problem than to show that a practice should cease due to possible or real adverse effects? How much should be known about the technology before it is allowed to be commercialized or how much should be known about the harms it could cause before use of the technology is restricted? As asked on page 77, what other examples (besides DDT and CFCs) come to mind of technological innovations that have had unintended consequences? Note: the resources provided can be used as sources

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