Unit Three (Work Breakdown Structure & Project Scope Statement)

Overview In business, managers may be expected to oversee projects in addition to their managerial responsibilities. In that case, the project manager will have to lead a team of employees to complete the project. This class project has two deliverables at week 3 and week 6. For this class, you will select a project of your choice. It can be any kind of business project (some ideas are: installing a new information technology for a small business, a construction project, a superfund site clean-up, a city building a new park, planning a major event such as the Olympics, a merger of two businesses, or rebuilding the infrastructure of an airport). Over the course you will need to break down the project into manageable segments, figure out how to lead a diverse project team, and plan the project using effective tools so that the project will be completed on schedule and within budget. During the course, you will have several milestone touchpoints.

Deliverable: Course Mini-Project For this assignment, you will be creating the Scope Management Plan, Work Breakdown Structure and a Project Scope Statement.

You will also be creating a Risk Register. You may use a company that you are familiar with or where you work now. If you have any problems coming up with a project to work on, please contact your instructor to discuss possible projects for this class work. Attached here are the assessment criteria for this assignment. Create the following documents for your example project: a. Brief explanation of the project and the work environment b. Scope management plan c. Project scope statement

d. Risk register (Wysocki (2014) calls this a Risk Driver Worksheet)

e. Work Breakdown Structure (Explain the method used to create the WBS for this project in your paper)

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