The strategic review of Mc’Donalds in UK

The structure of the writing must be followed: Table of contents: (not in word count) Executive summary -> write it last Introduction (150-250 words)

-> Define the profile of the company (vision and/or mission, value and/or culture, long-term goals)

-> Define the boundaries of the market/industry/SBV Part 1 -> analysis of the internal environment Start from PESTEL (macro), followed by P5F, ILC, SGA (industry micro) Part 2 Analysis of resources & competences

-> Resources audit, value chain, VRIO/N, generic strategies Part 3 Generation & evaluation of strategic options SWOT -> tool used to summarize part 1&2(no new content) “using SWOT graph and show where it’s come from (part1 and/or part 2) TWOS/Ansoff -> future only Stakeholders’’ analysis SAF -> Final recommendations (2-3) References (not in word count) Appendices(5-10 single pages) (not in word count) 

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Table of Contents

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