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1. Prospect Review: 2-3 pages. Where would you apply? Identify a job or grad school program you are interested in. This should be a job or program that you would be qualified to apply for now, or upon completion of your degree program. Once you’ve identified where you will apply, it’s time to research the company or program in detail! You should consider the organization’s values, missions, norms, workplace culture, needs, role in the community, growth potential, etc. Describing the organization is part of this, but simple description is not enough. Consider what it would be like working for that company based on the information you find out through research. For instance, an organization might include a “value our patients first” statement as part of their mission, but you might find that the organization has a poor rating with patient advocacy groups. Consider what that says about the organization and what that means to you. You’ll have to do a lot of research (more than just what the organization says about themselves) in order to do this well. ***You must include a complete copy of the job listing or program description. Use cut/paste to include this info (NO LINKS). This information must be included so I can accurately assess your work. It does NOT count toward the page length minimums for your assignment. This must about a job listing for a BSN RN in a Sanford Hospital in North Dakota

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