Intensity of Rivalry: Discuss the key four or five elements that

Research your company and its industry and perform a Porter Five Forces analysis. For this assignment you should acquire a minimum of five separate pieces of APA cited research material, which can include periodical articles, investor analysis, and trend analysis for your company’s industry. Please be sure to use Berkeley College’s Online Databases for information. A Five Forces chart should begin your analysis to serve as a quick reference point. An example chart is Five-Force Model Chart.pdf . Beneath each of the forces, you should provide a brief one or two word description (i.e., low, moderate or high) of what you will present on the pages following. The Five Industry Forces are: · Barriers to Entry: Outline what, if any, barriers exist preventing new firms from being created and competing with existing rivals.

· Intensity of Rivalry: Discuss the key four or five elements that effect intensity and how hard firms must do battle with each other. What must ANY existing rival do in order to succeed?

· Supplier Power: Is there any power existing on the input side that forces firms to bend to the will of suppliers? · Buyer Power: Are customers of rivals able to unduly influence rivals such that they can be forces to do things they otherwise would not choose to do? · Threat of Substitutes: Define the basic need(s) met by the goods and services sold by rivals. Can this need be easily met by purchasing the goods and services of non-rivals and who/what might those substitutes be? Each force should be discussed beneath their own headings in your paper using as much space as you deem necessary to complete your analysis. Also, please conclude your paper with a brief (1-4 paragraphs are probably good) summary of the key competitive forces that characterize your industry.

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