How does the exhibit reflect/engage/respond to contemporary discourse

The first assignment will involve visiting Anthropocene, an ongoing exhibition at the National Gallery of Canada.The assignment requires you to describe the exhibit generally and then select one image (or other work) todiscuss in more detail. Specifically, you should describe the image/work and its context, the nature and scope ofthe human activity being portrayed and its impact on the environment (i.e. its relevance to the concept of theAnthropocene).

This part of the assignment will require you to draw on outside references to inform yourdiscussion. I would also like you to discuss any other messages that you feel the artist may be trying to portray,along with your personal impressions of the work and its effectiveness in communicating this/these message(s). The following are some other questions that you may wish to consider in your assignment:

How does the exhibit reflect/engage/respond to contemporary discourse surrounding human’s impactson the environment?

What is the role of art in our understanding of human impacts on the environment? What is the ‘value’ ofsuch an exhibit, if there is any? Is the chosen medium effective in conveying the artist’s mes

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