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Instructions: the paper you write should include the following: A general overview of the evolution of sustainability reporting in recent times Discussion of at least two case studies, which provide contrasting examples of organisational approaches to environmental management and sustainability. A critical evaluation of the case studies that highlights the benefits and limitations of the methodologies used. References: All data and arguments, perspectives and discussion should be clearly justified (APA style). My topic proposal: For the final project,Do a comparative analysis of Shell’s 2017 Sustainability Report and Lyondellbasell’s 2017 Sustainability Report. The paper will take a close look on both companies’ approaches and fields of focus when it comes to being sustainable. The Shell 2017 report highlights the company’s vision on energy transition, managing operations, their contribution to society and more. Lyondellbasell’s report includes the company’s “sustainable footsteps”, how they advance their products sustainably, their focus on safety, managing their environmental impact and how they support their communities. Shell is a petrol/gas company and Lyondellbasell is a multinational chemical company, both are supply non-sustainable products, so it would be truly intriguing to understand how they claim to be eco-friendly. Lyondellbasell claims to have innovative solutions for the chemicals and plastics that they supply to help create products that make sustainable development possible. Their innovative solutions range from wind turbines, vehicle components, vehicle biofuels, agricultural irrigation, food packaging, medical products, building insulation, pressure and sewage pipes, solar panels and more. Shell, on the other hand, has a complete section within their report that talks about how society faces a dual challenge in making a transition to a low carbon energy future where the risks of climate change are properly managed. They also talk about extending the social and economic benefits to everyone on the planet; they do that by looking at the situation through their 6 pillar lens: 1- continued investment in oil and gas to meet a growing demand 2- bringing “cleaner” burning natural gas to a wider market 3- managing greenhouse gas emissions from their own operations 4- building a profitable “new energies” business 5- promoting carbon capture and storage and nature-based solutions 6- advocating government led carbon pricing mechanisms. Be sure to include academic references, APA style please. 

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