Classic English literature: Gun control is an effective way to control

Essay Overview

 You will direct your writing to someone connected to or even responsible for the issue that disturbs you.

 Your purpose is to communicate your concern or displeasure, as well as attempt to persuade the person responsible to take appropriate action.

 You must consider your audience and rely on logos, ethos, and pathos to persuade your readers.

Essay Requirements

 Each body paragraph must start with a topic sentence that tells readers what that paragraph will develop/cover (should pertain to your thesis statement).

 Each body paragraph should start and end with your thoughts – never research.

 A body paragraph should range between five and eight sentences – it should never be a page in length.  Not only will you include research in your paper, but you must explain, analyze, and comment on each quote, summary, or paraphrase you incorporate into your essay – your critical thinking!o AXES:  Assertions – statements which present points of view.  eXamples – specific passages, scenes, events, or items which inspire these points of view.  Explanations – statements which reveal how the examples support and/or complicate the assertions.  Significance – statements which reveal the importance of the analysis to our personal and/or cultural concerns.  You will never include research without analyzing it.  You will always need to show readers how or why your analysis is significant.  Your conclusion should not merely function as a summary of your entire essay.  You are required to use proper MLA citation format for both in-text citations and a works cited page

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