Business Plan on how to make the Postal Service more efficient.

Present your paper a Business Plan. You should present both sides of the situation, Pro’s and Con’s. Since you are suggesting change of some type, put yourself in the position of those who will be analyzing your plan. Anticipate what resistance may appear and then counter that resistance with reasoned logical analyses. When appropriate, bring in data to buttress your position and/or to refute the expected opposition. There is a plethora of data available from both private and public sectors. Avoid what, in statistics, is called Specification Error. This is the use of excessive data. Cut out what is secondary information and present only primary information. Anticipate that in a real-world situation you will likely be asked to expand upon certain areas so as to help the decision maker(s) reach a decision on allocating the resources of your employer. This project is not expected to be the end result. Do not bloviate. Remember the excessive amounts of reading managers have every day. Make it long enough to cover the essentials, shorts enough to make it interesting. You will be analyzed as to how you present your topic, how you buttress your position, what opposition you expect to receive, and why you recommend your proposal be accepted. This should note the benefits to your organization. Bring in economic theory, principles, and thought. Keep in mind that your reader(s) will likely not have much if any training in economics. If you use Charts and Graphs keep them simple and easy to understand by all who may read your Plan.

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