APSY-GE.2650.801 Verdict Paper Instructions

Ethical Dilemma Verdicts (10 points each): Each student will write and submit a formal verdict/decision for two ethical dilemmas that will be provided by the instructor. Verdicts must include the following: 1. A brief review of the salient issues of the case (approximately one paragraph; do not summarize the vignette, provide an overview of the ethical-legal issues under consideration); note mitigating issues 2. A brief listing of the potentially relevant ACA and ASCA principles, codes, and laws (e.g., not just those violated, but all that were relevant to the case and needed to be considered) and discussion of how they are relevant to the case

3. A verdict or decision and its rationale Verdicts should be three–four pages in length. Grading will be based on conformity to the above-stated requirements, the student’s demonstrated knowledge of the topic, and the quality of the rationale. Generally speaking, all of the vignettes are designed so that there is no definitively correct decision/verdict. Thus, the quality of the rationale will be evaluated on the extent to which the applicable principles, codes, and laws are applied consistently and coherently. See grading rubric for the verdicts in the toolbox. Cases for Verdict 1 Paper CASE #1 A high school English teacher gives a counselor a paper written by a student in which the student says that he has thought about “ending it all and taking my tormenters with me.” The counselor talks to the student and decides that he could be at risk for committing violent acts. Through consultations, the counselor’s decision is affirmed by two of her counselor colleagues in the school. The counselor informs the principal of the details of the situation immediately and waits for the principal to take action directly with the student and his parents.

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