A report on one “cultural experience” the from Smithsonian American

Write a report on one “cultural experience” the from Smithsonian American Art Museum. (https://americanart.si.edu). The report should be written as if it was experienced in person. Include photos or links that help convey what was experienced. Be sure to document all sources you consult in preparing your work. Include the name and location of the museum, site, or performance event. If there is on-line information about the site or performance, be sure to include a link to it within the text of your essay in an appropriate place.

Also include type of museum, site or event. Briefly describe the general setting by talking a bit about the location, the number of people there, the general overall “vibe” of the place. Describe at least one aspect of the experience that you found especially interesting. Explain what impressed or affected you, and why. Your reaction can be positive or negative, as long as you offer an explanation. Identify and use at least two tools such as Abstract Expressionism and Social Construct to talk about your visit. Make sure to inform the reader about the tool through a quote or paraphrase. Make sure to tell the reader how you interpret some elements of your visit with the tools. Reflect on the relevance–if any–of your experience to your everyday life. How did the experience engage your feelings or emotions, if at all? What does this tell you about human culture, or about yourself?

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