Employment Law: Law Analysis Mid-Term

Review the following facts. Write a minimum 5- page to a maximum 7- page (double spaced) paper (cover page, reference page and appendices do not count toward this requirement) in APA format, addressing the issues outlined in the scenario.  Legal Analysis: The paper must identify and discuss all of the applicable laws and how they apply to each of the five (5) employee situations.

 Organization: The paper should be organized around an introduction, analysis and conclusion with appropriate headings. An abstract is not required and should not be included.  APA Format: APA format is required, including a cover page and reference page. APA citation to information from the textbook is required. APA citation means in-text citation to information from the textbook, including page numbers, within the text of the paper. Example: (Bennett-Alexander, 2015). Facts Better Electronics, Inc. is a 10 million dollar per year electronics company, focused on the direct marketing of its consumer electronics products. In the last 2 years, Better Electronics, Inc. opened two new online marketing and direct distribution channels. Soon after these websites were launched, technology problems, combined with sluggish sales, killed the company’s profits. As a result, the company has decided to abandon its new direct marketing plan and to reduce its workforce. You are the Vice President (VP) of Human Resources (HR) for Better Electronics, Inc.

The President of the company has asked you to terminate the employment for several employees. He has given you a list of people to consider and has charged you with writing a paper describing which employees to terminate, the reasons for each termination and the legal risks for each employee in terms of post termination litigation. Your job as VP of HR: You must terminate three (3) of these employees. Two employees may be folded into existing openings in the rest of the company. Here are the employees: Alex Chin: Alex is a 25-year-old Asian-American female. She is a top-notch software engineer. However, employees find it difficult to work with Alex. They say that she is quiet, withdrawn and unsociable. She spends most of the day sitting at her computer and avoids company social events. Alex recently told you that she believes she wants to be taken off all projects where Bob, a contractor, is the project manager. Bob has repeatedly asked her to go out to dinner with him. When she refuses, he makes lewd and suggestive remarks. He has threatened to tell her manager that she is performing poorly on several projects if she does not give in to his demands. Alex has missed 1 day of work each week for the last three months. She usually misses Friday, the same day as the department’s staff meeting. Bob also attends the staff meetings. Alim Smith: Alim is a 34-year-old male, a naturalized American citizen. His overall track record with the company is above average.

His productivity is above the median although other employees complain that he takes too many breaks. The employees argue that they work more hours, since Alim always seems to be away from his desk. He takes several breaks during the day for prayer and meditation. He has achieved no special honors or awards while employed with the company. He has a Bachelors degree in Information Systems from a good University. His job duties include maintaining existing computer systems which will be obsolete after the reduction in force. He has had no absenteeism. Pete Pierce: Pete is a 36-year-old male who is Caucasian, and originally from Texas. His overall track record with the company is average. His productivity is average. He has been solely responsible for much of the quality programming which took place in the program being abandoned. He holds no advanced degree, but his experience in the Navy has given him practical experience that goes beyond the abandoned programs. However, Pete seems to have an absenteeism problem, missing 17 days in the last two months. Pete has recently let you know that he suffers from a disease which affects how he walks. He feels like others in the company have been treating him differently because of his illness.

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