M5A1 Part 2 – Capital Budgeting and Recommendations

For Part 1 of your assignment, you wrote a recommendation memorandum to the CEO and Senior Vice Presidents, providing a formal evidence-based recommendation for your selected programmatic service or enhancement, along with a formal request for organizational support. Let’s assume that the MHS leadership has given you the authority to move forward with your selected service or programmatic enhancement.

This week, in Part 2 of your finance project, you will apply all you have been learning this term to write a capital budget. Be sure to review the financial statements found in the MHS case study. Complete every component of the capital budget and ensure your proposed budget fits well within the MHS budget information provided. Capital Budget Process: Narrative: Identify the desired goal and alternatives. Identify and briefly explain sunk and opportunity costs considered in your capital budget decisions. Explain your budget and decisions once your spreadsheet for your Capital Budget is completed.

Reintroduce the service/unit you are recommending in no more than 1-2 sentences. Then provide a 2-3 paragraph budget narrative to justify the budgeting decisions you made. In an Excel Spreadsheet: Set up a Capital Budget for your selected service or programmatic enhancement. Estimate output, output prices, and revenues, including when cash will be received. Identify the type and quantity of resources needed, input prices, and when expenses will be paid. Select a discount rate and calculate the PV of future cash flows using an Excel spreadsheet. Specifically, you will decide which discount rate to use based on what you know about the MHS case and the programmatic service/enhancement you are proposing. Select an evaluation measure – either the NPV or the IRR – to assess cash flows. Chart the results on the budget Excel worksheet. Conduct sensitivity analysis using the same Excel spreadsheet. Chart the results. Use of formal APA is required for this assignment. At a minimum, you will be citing 1-2 sources within your budget narrative.

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