The problem with correctional facilities in america

– Paper meets APA/Graduate School standards; in-text citations and references are properly documented in APA format.

– Paper includes a minimum of fifteen (13) (double-spaced, numbered) pages and at least fifteen scholarly sources. – Paper is organized; each paragraph flows logically into the next paragraph. Headings and sub-headings are utilized. – Appropriate terminology it used; writing is clear and concise. – Proper spelling and grammar is used; sentences are properly constructed. – Appropriate font (Times New Roman) and font size (12 point font). – The paper is written in a professional tone. Familiar language is avoided.

Content 80% – The paper has a strong introduction, main body, and conclusion. – The topic is introduced, a purpose is clearly evident and an overview of the paper is provided; include a brief history of the topic/issue, and the importance of studying the topic/issue. – The research paper goes from general ideas to specific conclusions within each paragraph. Transitions tie sections together, as well as adjacent paragraphs. The paper flows logically from one idea to the next. – Scholarly research is utilized and effectively described in the main body of the paper; information is synthesized throughout the paper; includes a relevant and thorough discussion of sources that relate to the topic/issue and purpose of the paper. – The paper demonstrates critical and creative thinking skills. – Concluding paragraphs provide a summary of key points, connect to the introduction, and offer suggestions for future research and/or recommendations for policy changes/considerations.

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