To what extent have Asian snacks and beverages been successful in

1.Introduction: (1) Background of Asian snacks and beverages in Europe. As European spend more and more on eating out and snacks, the eating way is also changing (McCullough et al, 2003: 398). According to Hess, customers are cooking less, opting for more off-the-shelf offerings from suppliers of takeout, snacks, and beverages, especially some Asian snacks (2016: 470). Asian snacks and beverages are mainly consisting of Japanese, Chinese and Thai.(add sup data ) (2) The current development of Asian snacks The European infatuation for Asian food is helping affiliated snacks and beverages to extend their sales (Sivak, C, 2008, 38-39). Off-trade volume sales of Asian snacks and drinks in the UK increase by 4%. (passport) As the sheer number of Asian snack shops and on British high streets will validate, Asian snacks are an established part of the British diet (Thornton, L, et al, 2013: 56), such as milk tea shops, Asian supermarkets, and snacks in restaurants. (3) Research aims. Review literature about the history and background of Asian snacks. Analysis of current development. Evaluation and suggestions about comparing the acceptance of snacks and drinks in Britain and France ( Why compare the two countries) Research in the future.

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