The production of Japanese manga author and their experiences –



This is an research paper(plus bibliography and images, images also need citation), it need introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. In this paper, the topic is follow:

The production of Japanese manga author and their experiences – Shigeru Mizuki and Tezuka Osamu 1. Please simply introduce the their manga writing experience and their main works (with at least 2 pictures and the pictures need sources ) 2. then focus on their influence on the industry development and society. *General Writing requirement:* 1. Please only use academic sources. This paper needs 2-3 images with sources (excluding in the 4 peer-review sources) 2. No direct quotation. Similarity should under 10%including reference list. Images need source citation.. 3. Please follow the paper structure/word limit(4 pages, standard research paper) 4. Please check your paper with the Rubric before you delivery it 5. Please use academic vocabulary, no grammar errors 6. Please give me a draft of whatever you have at least 1 days of the deadline

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