Explain database security issues

Task T5: Security (10 marks)

Discuss the security measures you will take to protect the proposed database system.
Your discussion should focus on database security. Explain the threats present and the countermeasures available. Focus on FOUR security issues that must relate to the technical aspects of database security and also must relate to the case study database. Your answer to this question must be fully referenced. (ca 500 words)

Task T6: Web Database (10 marks)

The database may have a number of users to whom it should be available through a web client system. Explain how your database fits within the 3-tier client server architecture and how this is related to the ANSI SPARC 3-tier conceptual model. Your answer to this part of the question must be fully referenced. Sketch THREE Web pages that result in data being input into the database, and THREE pages that would show data from the database in a way that’s useful for the users. All pages must be meaningful and valuable in the case study setting; discuss how you have considered the usability of your pages. (ca 500 words)

Task T7: Performance and Optimization (10 marks)

With time, the database is expected to grow. Consider THREE most performance-sensitive transactions, estimate their performance requirements, and suggest how you would ensure that they perform well using the available database optimisation techniques. (ca 500 words)

Total Marks for Submission 2 – 30


Marking schema Important to read!

Second Submission T5 – T7

T5: Security (10 marks)

A good answer will focus on database security issues and not on network or internet security. The discussion will be in-depth and detailed showing an understanding of the technical issues of implementing security, the strengths and weakness of each security solution, and how it applies to the case study. It may also cover the issues with the users and how they may affect security. Again technically oriented, showing the student understands not only the concept but also how it works, the benefits and disadvantages. The answer will relate to the case study database and will not be a general discussion on the issues.

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