Discuss the role of HR

Task: You have recently started a new role as a senior manager in a small but rapidly growing organization. The managing director is not a human resource specialist so she has asked you to oversee the human resource function of the business. She believes that this role may become too large as the business continues to grow. She would like you to investigate human resource management issues further in order to develop a deeper understanding of: 1. How to evaluate staff recruitment and selection process. 2. Discuss the concepts of orientation, training, and compensation. 3. Describe the importance of performance appraisal process. Criteria for marking: Contents (25%) 1. Identify relevance and importance of topic area 2. Demonstrates reading and understanding of allocated topic area 3. Demonstrates understanding of relevant concepts/theories Analysis (50%) 1. Develop critical synthesis by integrating evidences from various sources 2. Develops coherent line of reasoning in the evaluation of materials included in review 3. Uses evidence appropriately and critically 4. Discuss the role of HR 5. Identify key HR issues and gaps in research 6. Identify future HR issues and research directions Use of References (25%) 1. Evidence of wide ranging of reading indicated by an extensive reference section and text citation of references 2. References cited are relevant to the topic area 3. References cited correctly Note that : Your work should include at least 6 references, written in the Harvard format. Appendices should include your research instrument used to collect 3 Association (APA) data and other supporting documents for your work. Groups are expected to work together but the contribution of each member should be clearly specified. Note that i would like a paper based paper project and presentation slide for the paper

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