Discuss at least three types of “cost-based” methods of economic

1. Discuss at least three types of “cost-based” methods of economic evaluation. Review the pros and cons of using a cost-based method when evaluation healthcare. What’s missing? A. Cost Minimization Analysis (CMA) B.Cost Effective Analysis (CEA) comparison tool used to set priorities C. Cost-Utility Analysis (CUA) D. Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) aggregates benefits of health and non-health 2. Discuss the different types of effectiveness measures how they are used to measure “non-monetary” outcomes. Discuss the development of “quality of Life” measures and provide an example of their application in a healthcare setting. 3 types of measure: 1. Surrogate measures for clinical outcomes of a treatment 2. Intermediate measures to identify underlying illness 3. Final outcome measures are associated with avoided events, avoided infections, illness-free days, saved life years

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