Cashless Societies

3. I order 6 pages, but only 5 pages are for the paper, and 1 page is the Progress Report. A PR should states, concisely but clearly the work that you have done for the paper and why you have decided to proceed the way you have. Each PR must include the professor’s feedback to your previous deliverable (copy and paste it in your PR) AND explain the additions and changes you have made since; which suggestions have been incorporated and which not and why. There is no blueprint for a PR: think of it as a log of your thinking process and your work, the ‘backstage’ of your research. 4. So, I need 5 pages of paper about Cashless Societies, and 1 page PR which includes the feedback to the professor. 5. You can use charts or tables in the essay, but don’t use too many.

#Cashless #Societies

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