Cherokee Indian Pottery

Description Research Paper Guidelines 1. You are to choose a non-Western country that we do not study in class. A non-Western country is one which is not predominately influenced by European or American culture. Brazil, for example, is not a non-Western country because of the influence of Portugal. Mexico is not non-Western because of the Spanish influence. Ask me if you are not sure. 2. Do preliminary research on the country and write a two paragraph proposal for what you want to research. Just saying Thailand does not work because it is too broad of a topic. You can say the Buddhist religion in Thailand or the food of Southern Thailand. 3. Once your proposal is accepted, find at least five sources. Wikipedia does not count as a source although it can lead you to find other sources. Write three full pages on the topic. Include an introduction and a comprehensive conclusion. You may include some photos but if the writing does not add up to three full pages your will lose points. 4. You must have a separate “Works Cited” page that shows what sources you used. 5. Use MLA style 6. The paper will be put through SafeAssign. If plagiarism is found, you will receive a “0” for the paper with no chance to make it up. Be sure you cite the source for all your information. 7. Include how the culture is similar and different to your own culture. 8. Be careful that you do not just rephrase the material you read. That will show up as plagiarized. RUBRIC: 100 points Introduction: Does it clearly state what is in the paper? 20 points Body: Are the descriptions clear? Are there significant details about the topic? 20 points Citations and format: Are the citations in the correct form? Is the format correct? Are all the parts taken either directly or indirectly from the source properly cited? 20 points Overall impression: Does the paper provide significant information about the topic? Is the grammar correct? Are there transitions between sections? 20 points Conclusion: Does the conclusion cover all the ideas in the paper? Does it suggest further possibilities for study? 20 points

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