1) How do I define the concepts of Diversity, Equity,

1) How do I define the concepts of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in education?  

2a) What changes in education do I see as important as we address issues of diversity, equity, inclusion in striving for justice in teaching and learning?   

b) What must change in how my discipline is taught? Where are the barriers, exclusions, or oppressions of learners and learning that we must change?

c) What must change in our legacy teaching methods? How do current methods exclude many learners or block optimum learning? What do you know from learning science that supports your perspectives?
3) How do some of my own experiences inform my stance on diversity, inclusion, and equity in education? How did I come to be aware of my positionality (privileges, oppressions, opportunities, barriers)?

4a) How do I practice justice in education in my approach to designing curricula, learning environments, and processes in teaching my discipline?  

b) What are my guiding values and principles?

c) What specific strategies do I use to ensure all voices are invited, honored, and supported in my curricula materials and class engagement?
5a)How do I engage with DEI work beyond the classroom at campus level as well as in scholarly or professional spaces?

b) How and why do I engage formally and informally with campus resources and initiatives that support DEI?  

c) In what ways am I an ally to students and an advocate for greater inclusion and equity on campus? 

d) What are some issues with respect to DEI in my discipline with regard to research/scholarship and in teaching? 

e) As an educator in my discipline, how do I keep myself informed of conversations about and professional development in ethical teaching innovations? 

f) As a scholar and researcher, how do I engage DEI principles in methods and in representing broader populations and ways of knowing and articulating scholarship?  

6) Write a short elevator pitch or summary of your stance in addressing issues of Diversity, inclusion, and Equity as an ethical educator. Imagine that you have been asked at an interview what your position is about diversity, inclusion, and equity and you have just a few moments to communicate it. This elevator pitch is also something you can add to your syllabus and to your professional website

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