Please see attached for instructions and outline. See below for

Please see attached for instructions and outline. 

See below for articles/peer reviewed articles that you can use: 

Gender Issues

  • Although somewhat dated, in this chapter, Desmarais and Alksnis provide a comprehensive review of the vast body of research related to gender, work, and stress. While men and women may cope with stress in similar ways, the nature and level f work stress can be due to factors that are unique to one or the other sex. Learn more about these factors by reading this chapter.

Workplace and Gender: Overview

  • For more up to date statistics pay particular attention to the sections on “Power Differentials,” “Employment Patterns,” “Gender Gap in Salary,” and “Work-Life Balance.”

A Workplace Divided

  • While much of the research in the workplace still focuses on males and females, recent data does exist on the experience of LGBTQ individuals in the workplace.

A Workplace Divided

Sexual Harassment

  • Sexual harassment is a familiar topic today, but what are the two types of harassment, how prevalent are they, and how do social scientists explain this abusive behavior?

Bullying in the Workplace

  • Bullying is also a familiar topic today, but mostly within a school context. What happens when school bullies grow up? Do they grow out of their bullying behavior? This article tackles this troubling subject.

Sexual Harassment, Same-Sex

  • As a subset of interpersonal violence, same-sex sexual harassment has received less attention in the literature. Nevertheless, for victims, it can be the source of lifelong mental health challenges whether it occurs in a school or work environment.

Gender Issues in Mental Health

  • Are the same situations stressful for both men and women? Do both suffer from the same mental health issues?

In this section we will discuss several different mental health issues and diagnoses as they relate to gender.

Depression and Gender

Substance Use and Gender

Anxiety and Gender

Antisocial Personality Disorders and Gender

History of Gender Identity Disorder

Gender Dysphoria

Anti-Trans bias in the DSM

Science of Eating Disorders: Beyond Thinness: Men, Muscularity and Eating Disorders

  • This page of blog posts features periodic postings on eating disorders. Your instructor will let you know which postings you should read.

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