Welcome to the Discussion Forum! Each week, you will be


Welcome to the Discussion Forum!

Each week, you will be asked to respond to the prompt or prompts in the discussion forum. Your initial post should be 300 words long, and you should respond to two additional posts from your peers.

For your follow-up post…review the responses provided by your peers. Engage in conversation, or even civil debate, as you discuss their insights and viewpoints. You may ask questions for clarification (if you are confused by their initial post) or pose questions that advance the conversation. You might even find a topic that leads you to further research in the area! 

 Choosing Your Investment

Please respond to the following discussion topics and submit them to the discussion forum as a single post.

Question :

Throughout this course, you will be studying a publicly-traded company of your choice. You’ll research the company’s background and work through several types of financial statement analysis. Prior to completing this discussion, review the assignment requirements for Week 1. In your initial post to your peers identify the company you have chosen for your course project and why you choose that company. Explain which industry the company you chose operates in and on which market they are traded. Your instructor will review your company’s choice and approve it in this discussion as well.

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