Each question is 200 words. do not put the questions

Each question is 200 words. do not put the questions together  

1. what “disparate impact” is including an example by Thursday of the second week of the period.

2. The assigned reading is about planning and preparing. Consider that you are VP-HRM for a large firm operating in the US or overseas or both. The board has asked you to prepare a 10-15 year HR plan accommodating trends in demographics of generations, immigrations, training/education levels of employees worldwide, economic, technical, political, etc.

3. Present three major provisions of the Civil Rights Act of 1991 and give an example of a case from a published news reports

4.  Present to the group what you see as the difference between training and education and the role of each in businesses today. Consider why it might be worth paying for employees to become certified (educated and trained) in things like SCUBA diving, cooking — chef quality, flower arranging, artistic drawing/painting, etc. when these areas are not ‘directly’ related to the job tasks. Think about the secondary benefits of the learned concepts/skills of these types of learned behaviors. Think creatively here and keep the long-term value of the business in mind. A good parallel story here is the story of Steve Jobs studying calligraphy in college. No one thought it had any value until folk saw what he did with the Apple computer applications.

5. presents the reasons, in your supported opinion, why businesses ended up with labor relations and union problems and safety concerns. This is not meant to ‘just’ point the finger at business but look back over the course of history and ask yourself what led to the problems. Then think about how a Biblical worldview might have changed, or not changed, the attitudes and principles at work and would the business workplace be different today if we developed the business understanding on scripture.

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