rEPLY 1 What organs are damaged mostly by taking NSAIDS?



What organs are damaged mostly by taking NSAIDS?

 NSAID’s can have cardiac and GI effects, such as bleeding and liver damage. 

What patient education would you provide to someone taking NSAIDS? 

NSAID’s are only recommended for short term use. Patients are at greater risk for organ damage if they suffer from comorbidities such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes. Smoking cessation education should also be given as this increases the patient risk for heart disease related to the use of NSAIDs. Patients need to be educated about the organs that can be affected as this medication should not be taken more than ten days for pain (Non-Steroidal, 2016).

What organ is damaged by taking too much aspirin?

 The kidneys can be affected by ingesting too much aspirin causing “chronic kidney disease known as chronic interstitial nephritis” (Pain Medicines, 2017, para 3).

What patient education should you provide to a patient taking Aspirin?

 Patients need to understand how critical it is to update their provider about the intake of any OTCs especially aspirin. Also, avoiding prolong use, as this medication should not be taken for more than ten days if used for pain. Patients also need to contact their providers if taken for more than ten days especially if they have comorbidities such as heart disease, hypertension, renal impairment and/or liver disease (Pain Medicines, 2017).  Increasing your fluid intake is also important and making the patient aware to drink more than six glasses a day while on aspirin as well as avoiding alcohol. 

List 3 diagnosis for which you would administer NSAIDS. 

Three diagnosis for which NSAIDs would be prescribed would be that of muscle aches, sprains and strins, and menstrual cramps. NSAIDs can also be used to reduce fever (Non-Steroidal, 2016). List 3 diagnosis for which you would administer Aspirin. Aspirin can also be prescribed for muscle aches. Aspirin is beneficial for CAD and “to prevent heart attacks in people with diabetes but no risk factor is controversial” (Daily aspirin, 2018, para 7). 

What labs or diagnostic tests would you perform for a patient who has consumed too much Aspirin and NSAIDS

Labs that would be necessary for both aspirin and/or NSAIDs would be that of renal function studies, BUN and creatinine. Patients would also need a baseline CBC and during intake these medications to assess platelet count and H&H. A PT/INR would also be beneficial for assess clotting time. These are very important to all who are long-term aspirin uses as well. 


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What pain relieving medications would you prescribe? Defend your choice.

The pain-relieving medications I would first prescribe is Ibuprofen. I would also encourage him to continue taking acetaminophen which similarly offer pain relief. Further, I would recommend the patient to take rest and then I would wrap the ankle with ACE bandages which provides compression by supporting the ankle and provides immobilization which fastens the healing.

How would you prescribe them? What are the side effects?

For acetaminophen 500mg tablet, I would prescribe three tablets per day for five days. For Ibuprofen, I would prescribe 200mg every 6 hours. The side effects of ibuprofen are dizziness, fatigue and restless sleep. Acetaminophen side effects are loss of appetite, itching, nausea and dark urine. The age of the patient does not affect the medications that I recommended.

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