SCI201 Week 2 discussion In communicating the results of a

SCI201 Week 2 discussion

 In communicating the results of a problem-solving process to a particular audience, we need to consider the audience’s general knowledge base and their familiarity with the problem.  For example, consider how you would communicate the results of a scientific study to a scientist in that field versus to a recent high school graduate.

  1. Compare and contrast the types and levels of detail you would use for an audience familiar with the topic versus an audience who has little familiarity with the topic.
  2. Explain why you think it is easier or more difficult to communicate with an audience that is unfamiliar with the problem.  

Remember to answer each part of the question with a minimum of one paragraph of substantiative content that is 5-7 sentences with limited grammatical errors. Also, respond to at least one of your peers with a 3-4 sentence response. 

Hello Class and Professor Turner,

I think there are a lot of different ways and things to think about when presenting the results of a scientific study to a professional audience or even a high school grad. Because the audience is made up of people who work in the field, the presenter must be more specific and scientific. The presentation should be short and to the point. In order to use scientific language, you must speak in that way. The time limit set out in the presentation standards must be kept. In the same way, the presenter’s movements and behavior need to be looked at. People who give presentations always use statistical tools to back up their data. It’s important for a presenter to think about how to get high school students’ attention when they show them the results of a scientific study. It could be done by adding some eye-catching effects to your PowerPoint slide show. The language that a person who is giving a presentation has to use is not very scientific, but rather simple. A true professional presenter thinks it is more difficult to speak to a high school grad than to a professional.

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