Two-to-Three-page Business Synopsis This assignment consists of you selecting a

Two-to-Three-page Business Synopsis 

This assignment consists of you selecting a publicly held company. You are to list that company name and it’s trading symbol and what Stock Exchange they are trading on for example, NADAQ or NYSE. Do a 2-3 page Synopsis( write-up) on the company, supplying detail on the type of product or services they offer to the public for sale.

In your report, provide financial details on the company such as

  • Sales Amount for 2021  & 2020
  • Operational Expenses 2021 & 2020
  • Cost of Good Sold   2021 & 2020
  • Gross Profits  2021 & 2020
  • Investment Income 2021 &2020
  • Net Income 2021 & 2020
  • Also list the current Stock Price as of the writing of this report
  • if the company paid out dividends and the amount of the distribution
  •  Executive Leadership Team and talk a bout their strategy, mission statement 

Lastly, explain why you pick this company. What is the reason why you decided to pick this company for this business synopsis.

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