The project consists of an informal proposal. The student proposes

The project consists of an informal proposal. The student proposes a new tuition reimbursement program for tuition and books when employees complete approved courses with a grade of C or higher.


Education can benefit both employers and employees. You have been working at your job for a while, and you would extend your college education. However, after some investigation, you were informed by the HR department that your employer does not offer tuition benefits. You discuss the matter with your significant other, and they advise you to speak with your boss about the situation. Your boss welcomes the idea, and they ask you to submit an informal proposal to be reviewed.

Written Report

The report should include:

1. Title page

2. Introduction. Provide a brief explanation of the reasons for the proposal and highlight your qualification

a. Hint with extraordinary results with more details to follow

b. Explain what benefit the program will offer

c. Identify the problem that currently exists and provide a solution to be explained later

3. Background, Problem, and Purpose

a. Identify the problem and discuss the goals and or purpose of the program

b. Ensure to provide a realistic solution to the problem identified

4. Proposal, Plan, and Schedule

a. Explain your plan to solve the problem

b. Include an implementation plan

c. Specify what the new program will the company.

d. Include any deliverables your new program will produce for customers

e. Specify how the program will be managed and audited (include a timely or schedule)

5. Staffing

a. Describe qualifications of the staff that will carry out the program

b. Describe credentials and expertise of project leader

6. Budget

a. Include a list of proposal costs associated with the program

7. Conclusion and Authorization

a. Closing section should remind the executive team of the key benefits of the program

b. Include a deadline

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