In the last few units, you have developed skills to

In the last few units, you have developed skills to assist diverse clients that are experiencing unique crises across the various developmental stages of life. It is vital for human service professionals to be aware of how crises can impact individuals across the lifespan and within multicultural contexts. For this assignment, you will complete a maximum 5-page expository paper that reflects your multicultural competencies and skills needed to assist diverse populations in crisis across the lifespan. Your assignment should be supported throughout by references to the readings as well as one outside resource obtained from the Purdue Global Library.

  • Explain two types of crises that can occur during developmental stages of life. Identify two types of interventions that can then assist with these two types of developmental crises. Please refer to Table 5.1 on page 97 of the textbook for help.
  • Discuss two family theoretical models that can treat individuals in crisis across the lifespan.
  • Identify two types of crises of loss and discuss what crisis intervention models you would use when assisting clients experiencing these crises of loss.
  • Explain one type of crisis that can occur among two diverse cultural groups.
  • Identify cultural competency skills that you would use when working with individuals of diverse backgrounds.

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