Develop a quasi-proposal for the intended research/quantitative example that is

Develop a quasi-proposal for the intended research/quantitative example that is attached. While the most important elements in any proposal are the fundamentals of the problem, purpose, and research questions, the bulk of the assignment will be the methodology.  Organize the quasi-proposal for this assignment by subheadings. The actual headings and information that need to be included depend on the method used to collect the data. In studies involving the collection of primary data, please be sure to include the details of the sampling plan, measurement of variables, the actual data collection procedure, plan of analysis, and justification for the decisions.  

 Include the following information, using these headings, in your quasi-proposal:

  • Introduction
  • Statement of the Problem
  • Purpose Statement
  • Research Questions
  • Hypotheses
    •  Null and Alternative for each research question
  • Methodology
    • Research Design: Specific quantitative method to be used and rationale. Cite works related to your decision.
    • Operationalization of Variable: Specification of the concepts to be measured for each variable/construct.
      • State variable/construct name,
      • Define the variable/construct,
      • Identify the source of the variable/construct,
      • Describe how the variable/construct is scored,
      • Identify the level of measurement of the variable/construct,
      • Identify range and interpretation, or group classification of the variable/construct.
    • Specification of the population, recruitment method, and target sample size with justification.
    • Data collection procedure: Explanation of how the data will be collected.
    • Intended data analysis: Explain how the data will be analyzed to test the hypotheses and provide answers to the research questions. Provide your rationale.
  • Validity: Any plausible threats to internal and external validity.  
  • References

Length: Your paper should be between 12 -15 pages, not including title and reference page.

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