write a proposal, in the form of a one-page memo

write a proposal, in the form of a one-page memo to me, for your final report on reducing carbon emissions. The assignment for the final report reads as follows: 

In a well-organized report of at least 1250 words (and not more than 1600  words), including an MLA-style Works Cited page, write a detailed description of a specific technical process in the reduction/elimination of carbon-dioxide emissions from a specific source. such as cars, factories, agriculture, etc.

Focus your report on explaining the scientific and engineering details of the process–not on broad, nontechnical issues. Explain how the process works.

Your proposal memo should describe your plan in at least three well-organized paragraphs of at least seven sentences each. You must decide what to include in those paragraphs. Review the Sample Internal Proposal on pages 438-445 in our textbook.

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